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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Marriage Is A Mysterious trip Of Soul Binding And Creation: Actress Joju

April Joju

Written by April Muse Joju, one of Nigeria's best actresses. She has this to say about marriage. Its lesson filled, I guess.


When going on a journey with another in the same vehicle, you have to be on the same pace to enjoy the journey. Each individual has different attractive distractions that makes their journey interesting. 

The ability to communicate and view distractions together,with the patience and open mindedness of eachother, makes the journey even more enjoyable and worth it regardless of how long it lasts,or who drops first.

How far are you willing to go with a total stranger to an unknown destination?

Marriage is a mysterious trip of soul binding and creation. If you're not with a soul tribe member, you're toiling on a wrong soil.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Danger of the Moment By Okey Nwande

Okey Nwande is a prolific writer who exposes ills of the society through his well articulated articles with the aim of correcting them.

Here is another beautiful masterpiece titled 'Danger of the Moment'


Euphoric excessiveness of youthful expressions, as I recently conjured, is enshrined in the spirit of 'the moment' The moment is somewhat a myopic consciousness that ride off in one's mind the need for longevity and preservative rationality. 

Like the Biblical paradigm, the farmer in his deepest content of the moment told his heart to rest unperturbed, but little did he know that his maker (the master of his past, present and the future) was descending to upturn the clock of his life. Such is the drama of many people we know, or may not had heard of, whose life's thrust weighed heavily on 'the moment'. If only we're aware that the first ideas that tickle our mind amidst human plights are often not the way forward, would we know that 'the moment' is intricate and delicate; because often we are tempted to react 'quickly' which may not be 'sensibly', in order to save the moment.

 Fast race, you may think, sometimes is the sublime, nevertheless, in step-wise life itself was made - mark this!

That law of the universe should be a recall to orderliness in times of situational turmoil. The decisions we make or choices we take at every moment that presents itself to us would ultimately have green (long-lastiing) effect in our life. And that is why our RESPONSE upon a mere portage offered to us at the famished hour should be taken constructively. 

Fastest approach to a situation isn't necessarily a rational step towards it. Solution to our challenges or life's circumstances isn't most times potent in the ORGASM of the moment. "Let thy spirit be breast into the future that you would see what is good or not to uphold today."

It's in the spirit of the moment that a sex addict, in the dimmest cage of that momentary orgasm losses the five senses of humanity and lays down the secrets of his life.

Be Careful!

It's in that same act of gladdening one's moment that one is easily drugged into unhealthy actions that most times are solaced in remorse and repentance, but the future would reveal to us that hardly would repentance revert the damages made.

Youthful stage is the most complex stage of life, which I concur is hardened with the dangers of the moment; hence should be treaded with utmost caution.

Let thy childhood be the seed of thy youth, and let thy youth bear the fruit of thy old age. What would you say then when we assemble at the table of life's judgment? "I'm content that I lived a life worth living." Would that be your stand?

I'm a youth saddened with the same youthful turbulences, and that is why I care.

Okey Nwande
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Monday, 20 November 2017

Vibrant Young Man Dies One Month After Graduating From University Of Abuja

On Sunday, November 19th, 2017 while the people of Awka were full of expectations as to who becomes the next Governor of the state after the elections of the previous day, the cold hands of death would not allow this young man and lady live it to its fullness.

This day has been labelled ‘Black Sunday’ after Umezuegbu Chukwunonso and Doris Ukadike, who are both mutual friends on Facebook, lost their lives.

Umezuegbu graduated last month from the department of banking and finance in Uniabuja. He was still working on his project when he died after a brief illness. 

Chisom Doris Ukadike was also killed yesterday in an accident in Awka, and friends lamented losing 2 friends in one day.

Nonso was vibrant and well loved by a great number of people, judging from the outpouring of tributes on his Facebook wall.

May your souls rest in peace.

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Rivers Youths Celebrate With Goodluck Jonathan On His 60th Birthday (Photos)

On November, 20th, 2017, Nigeria’s immediate past president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, turned 60.

In celebration with the past leader, thousands Of Rivers Youth Stormed his country home to join him in the happy moments.

See photos below

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6-Foot-2 Woman, 23, Told She Was 'Too Tall' And 'Too Curvy' To Ever Become A Model, Finally Breaks Into The Industry

23-year-old Taylor Rhoden, a former student nurse from Los Angeles who was told she was 'too tall' and 'too curvy' to ever become a model in the fashion industry, has finally won a contract with a lingerie brand, Curvy Kate.

Curvy Kate ran an open casting call to pick its next model, and Taylor, who gave up nursing and moved to LA to pursue her modeling dreams, qualified into the modeling competition, dubbed 'Star In A Bra'.

After the live auditions, Taylor was voted by the public as the next lingerie model out of almost 1,000 competitors.

According to reports, Taylor, a size 12 who had been repeatedly told she would never be a model because of her body also earned a modeling contract with the esteemed True Model Management agency, based in New York.

Speaking after becoming the new face of underwear label Curvy Kate, Taylor said:

"I've been turned away from many agencies due to my height. I've always been told that I'm "too tall". Although I thought my height and look was beautiful and unique, I felt like the agencies never saw that,' Taylor said.

"It's because of this that I entered Star in a Bra, in the wider modelling industry I am yet to see women that look like me, not only am I tall, I'm also plus size and I'm black, African-American, so I would really like to see someone that resembles me for once in the spotlight."

At first, Taylor said she 'literally could not believe' she had won the competition.

"It felt so surreal because I've been working so hard at turning my modelling dreams into my reality for so long and finally everything was coming to fruition",  she said.

"Through winning I'm hoping to bring a new look to Curvy Kate. I am not the traditional curve model, and I think that's always a plus. I'm hoping that by adding me to the family, a different target population of women will also feel included: women of color and taller women

"This is an opportunity for me to inspire women all over the world to love the skin they're in"

See more sexy photos below of Taylor as she's unveiled the latest Curvy Kate model

Image credit: af1234  
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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Former Vice President of Nigeria, Dr Alex Ekwueme is dead

Dr Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme, a one time former vice president of Nigeria, is dead.

A statement from his family signed by his brother and the traditional ruler of Oko in Anambra State, Igwe Laz Ekwueme said that he died by 10:00 pm in a London clinic, Sunday.

The statement read: “Ekwueme family regrets to announce the peaceful passing away of their patriarch, the former Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr. Alex Ifeanyichukwu Ekwueme GCON.

 “The sad event occurred at the London Clinic at 10:00 pm on Sunday 19th November 2017.”

Rest in peace Dr.

Credit: Sahara Reporters

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DOWNLOAD Music: Jubal – Toya

Jubal's Toya is a spirit inspired track that seeks to give all praise and worship to God for His faithfulness, love and blessings.

This song of appreciation,'Toya', meaning 'Praise Him' in Igbo Language, according to Jubal...

"depicts the depth of my heart towards the kindness of God and the longsuffering of his son Jesus Christ. So Praise him and put the devil to shame. Praise him and lightening up your world. Praise him and allow him make ways for you and be your light in the darkest darkness"

The artiste went ahead to state that there are several circumstances in life that would have either taken our lives or would have caused us a great deal of damage but God is always there to pull us out.

"His grace has always been sufficient and it has never been predicated on will, strength, power, or how well we run our races.

"God has been the pillar of my life and he’s the foundation of my joy. His faithfulness touches down from the heavens and it’s wider than the ocean. My appreciation to him inspires this beautiful track titled Toya"

So, for all God has being doing for us, all he requests is a simple appreciation. Praise Him today!


Sing along with Jubal!

See Lyrics, BELOW!

I never believed I could have a life..

Never thought I could make it right.

But you’ve been faithful..

Even when it seems am gon’ loose my life..

You came in your glory just to make things right..

Lord am so grateful…

And for everything you’ve done for me..

Lord I will stand and give you praise..

Say na only you be God..

Nara ekele, nara otito..

For everything you’ve done for me..

It’s all because of your love..

Toya ka’nyi toonu chukwu onye na eme mma….

Anytime I wake I will praise the lord..

Na him make me sleep..

Na him wake me up..

Lord am so grateful…

Even when I fall down you raise me up..

Then I was broke noe you filled my cup..

Lord you’ve been faithful…

And for everything you’ve…………..


About Jubal

Jubal is a Nigerian born contemporary gospel artist who was born on the 23rd of September. He hails from Anambra state the eastern part of Nigeria. He’s from a family of eight and he’s a talented gospel artiste who started his career at the age of ten the moment he started playing the guitar…his hit single “Toya” was inspired by God through his life experiences.

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Friday, 3 November 2017

How Lack Of Sleep Is Harming Your Brain

Without adequate rest and sleep, you are putting your brain in danger.

Most people are already burning the midnight candle with a belief that money does not sleep, some sleep for few hours per night just to make their business move or to make ends meet. Even if you sleep for 8 hours in the day and barely get a wink at night, you re still harming your brain and worse of all your business too.

What makes businesses move? It's simply the big brains behind them. We have the Steve Jobs of Apple, the Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and the Bill Gates of Microsoft. All these people have something in common, a high IQ.

Surprisingly, losing sleep to make your business move smoothly or for whichever reason you choose to stay up at night, puts a lot of stress on your brain and does just the opposite of what you are hoping to achieve.

For some, the effects might show immediately, and for others, it might take some time, but the risk remains the same.

Here is what Travis Bradberry had to say

Skipping sleep impairs your brain function across the board. It slows your ability to process information and problem solve, kills your creativity, and catapults your stress levels and emotional reactivity

Want more evidence?

A new research from the University of Rochester (United States) provided first direct evidence to how your brain cells need sleep to function perfectly (Don't worry it wouldn't be so crazy science, I always simple stuff for you guys).

According to the study, when you sleep, your brain goes to work, removing toxin proteins from its neurons that are by-products of neural activity when you are awake. Now, your brain can only remove them adequately only while you are asleep. So when you don't get enough sleep, the toxic proteins remain in your brain cells wreaking havoc by impairing your ability to think.

If you go with the motto "money does not sleep" and you spend your life chasing it, then you might not get to sleep at all when you finally get your slack.

Get enough sleep, as you require your brain do a lot of mental work that is required for business growth and success and there is no way to make yourself more intelligent than to get some shut-eye.

Source: Paul Samuel (Fitness Doctor)

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Invigilator’s Attitude And Its Relationship With Exam Failure Amongst Students

An invigilator could be a staff, or an external body that oversees and ensures that exams are written in a conducive environment that will give students, ample opportunity to focus on their works and also militate against examination malpractice.

Dissemination of rules and regulations as regards the conduct of an examination is one of the responsibilities of an exam invigilator.

Enforcement of such rules is equally one of them.

Now, an invigilator is not just there to monitor and prevent a student from cheating during exams. It is rather horrifying to note that invigilators have turned themselves into wolves and lions and as a result, students no longer see them as their guide, but a nightmare!

I am very much concerned because we are leaving untouched, one of the key factors responsible for examination failures, especially in Nigerian tertiary institutions and which has gone a long way to encouraging what we call ‘sorting’

Examination rooms or classes are supposed to be conducive enough so as to enhance students’ ability to focus completely on their work. That is why notes like “Exam In Progress, No Noise’ are usually pasted on the doors, walls and other strategic positions informing people that absolute silence is needed in that very environment.

Unfortunately, those who make these laws are the ones who break them.

I have been in an exam hall where I nearly raised the class on an invigilator who kept screaming at one student after another, and succeeded in distracting everyone. Luckily, the H.O.D was around and the lecturer was sent away from the class.

Students are issued out codes of conduct in an exam hall, but lecturers and invigilators are not issued same in an exam. Is this right? Does an invigilator have the right to distract you in your own exams? Does a lecturer have the right to slap you in an exam? Does a lecturer have the right to scream, discuss with other lecturers, make and answer phone calls, laugh and sing inside an exam hall?

These attitudes by Nigerian lecturers have become a nightmare which unknowingly, is a key contributory factor to series of examination failures.

Invigilators are supposed to guide and put students through when they encounter challenges during an exam. Students should be at ease and should feel comfortable beckoning on you for assistance when the need arises.

How can a student recall and put down correctly what he or she was taught, when the invigilator’s screaming keeps ringing in their heads? Whoever performs well in this condition?

How can you pass your exams when you keep hearing invigilators discussing about how they made merry and danced last night in the club and how he managed to wake and all what not? How will you perform well when your attention is divided?

Please, whoever buys this idea, should share this. Lecturers and invigilators need to be issued codes of conduct in an exam room.

Michael Doo
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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Ladies, Here Are 10 Types Of Men You Should Never Marry

Getting married to the wrong person can wreck your life. It’s fine to date bad boys and irresponsible boys for the thrill of it, but marrying them is the worst mistake you can make. Marrying the right person is essential, and because we really care about you, we’ve decided to share the types of men you should never ever marry. We don’t care how much you love him, how handsome he is or how rich he is, don’t marry him.

1. The liar

Does he lie about little things? These little things are going to become big things as time goes on. If you can’t believe every word he says, then don’t marry him.

2. The poser

This guy dresses well and has a good car. But every time you guys go out together, he claims he forgot his wallet and asks you to pay the bill. He also constantly borrows little sums from you promising to pay back. Run for your life sis.
3. The flirtIf you’re dating a man that has no respect for you and constantly flirts with everything in a skirt, he’s definitely going to cheat on you if you marry him.

4. The guy with ‘potential’

This guy claims to have so much potential and is constantly in the process of trying to get his life together while living off you. It’s not a bad thing to support your man’s dreams, but if his ship is heading nowhere, it might be time to jump off.

5. The workaholic

This guy is great, hardworking and successful, but his work constantly takes priority over you. He’s always travelling and cancelling dates. Every time you ask him to come and meet your parents, somehow work gets in the way. If you marry him, he’s going to take care of you financially, but you will be dissatisfied in so many other ways.

6. The Mummy’s boy

This man is amazing. He knows how to take care of a woman and communicate properly. The only problem is that he’s tied to his mother’s apron strings and constantly tells her all your business. If you marry him, you’re marrying his mother too.

7. The Abusive man

If he’s physically or emotionally abusive, run away sis.

8. The Addict

If your partner is addicted to drugs or alcohol, your married life will never be blissful.

9. The insecure man

If he always gets jealous and angry when he sees you talking to and relating with other men, then it’s a bad sign. Trust is very important in a relationship and even more crucial in a marriage. If he is always suspicious of every single person that comes close to you, then think twice about being in a lifetime.

10. The extravagant spender

Financial responsibility is very important. If he’s more concerned about popping bottles in the club every Friday and wearing designer outfits instead of saving and investing, he’s not the one for you.

NB: Please note that this lovely piece was culled from Ebal, my friend's blog.
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Sunday, 22 October 2017

UNILORIN Best Graduating Student Dies 5 Days To Her Convocation

Oloriegbe Taofeeqah, the best graduating Engineering student of UNILORIN, has died after suddenly falling ill, 5 days to her convocation!

Oloriegbe was to be the best graduating student from her Department on Saturday 21, October 2017. Meanwhile, her friends have taken to social media to mourn her.

May her soul rest in peace.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Unsafe Abortion Is Dangerous And Costly

Abortion is referred to an operation or any other intervention carried out in order to end a pregnancy or to remove an embryo from the womb. Basically, abortion is permitted to save the life of the woman, to preserve physical health, and to preserve mental health.

All over the world, abortion has been a controversial issue especially as it relates to laws governing its practice. Countries of the world in a desperate effort to regulate abortion rate and also the moral attachments to abortion, have initiated laws which guide the procedures for abortion. These laws equally outline reasons, when, why and the persons who are eligible to carry out abortion. The laws have not also left out medical personnel and practitioners who are qualified to carry out abortion either surgically or through the administration of drugs.

In Nigeria there are two abortion laws: one for the northern states and one for the southern states. Both laws specifically allow abortions to be performed to save the life of the woman. In addition, in the southern states, the holding of Rex v. Bourne is applied, which allows abortions to be performed for physical and mental health reasons.


Abortion in Nigeria like I mentioned above is governed by two different laws. In the predominantly Muslim states of Northern Nigeria, which contain about half the population of the country, the Penal Code, Law No. 18 of 1959, is in effect. In the southern part of the country, which is largely Christian in religion, the Criminal Code of 1916 is in effect. While both Codes generally prohibit the performance of abortions, differences in the wording of the Codes, as well as in their interpretation, that have resulted in two slightly different treatments of the offence of abortion.

Under the Penal Code an abortion may be legally performed only to save the life of the pregnant woman. Except for this purpose, a person who voluntarily causes a woman with child to miscarry is subject to up to fourteen years’ imprisonment and/or payment of a fine. A woman who causes her own miscarriage is subject to the same penalty. Harsher penalties are applied if the woman dies as a result of the miscarriage.

Section 297 provides that “a person is not criminally responsible for performing in good faith and with reasonable care and skill a surgical operation...upon an unborn child for the preservation of the mother’s life if the performance of the operation is reasonable, having regard to the patient’s state at the time and all the circumstances of the case”. Any person who, with intent to procure the miscarriage of a woman, unlawfully administers to her any noxious thing or uses any other means is subject to fourteen years’ imprisonment. A woman who undertakes the same act with respect to herself or consents to it is subject to seven years’ imprisonment. Any person who supplies anything knowing that it is intended to be unlawfully used to procure a miscarriage is subject to three years’ imprisonment.


For reasons best known to him, the present Governor of Imo State in collaboration with the State’s House of Assembly had proposed a law allowing abortion in the state under some conditions. But the Church, especially the Catholic Church saw it as an express permission to commit murder, consequently without reserve, opposed the move.

Determined to steer away from any controversy that could strengthen his political opponents, the Governor bowed to pressure from the Catholic Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Dr. Anthony J. V. Obinna over the abortion law.

The governor, who retraced his stance when he addressed members of the State House of Assembly, appealed to the lawmakers to immediately commence the processes of expunging the offending sections of the law.

The above excerpt goes a long way to explaining to you how controversial abortion has come to be. Some schools of thought opine that an individual for other purposes apart from a threatened life or mental health should have the right to terminate a pregnancy. But on the other hand, others think that expressly ruling on such sensitive and delicate matter, will not only create jobs for quacks, but will put at risk, the lives of young girls who might patronize them. They didn’t also rule out the moral and biblical consequences of such a law especially in the Southern part of the country that is dominated by Christians.


Unsafe abortion is one of the most significant and preventable causes of maternal death and injury in Nigeria. Abortion is illegal except to save the life of the woman, and procedures are often inaccessible even for women who meet these requirements, forcing women to seek out clandestine procedures.

In spite of Nigeria’s highly restrictive abortion law, an estimated 1.25 million induced abortions occurred in 2012. The number doubled from an estimated 610,000 in 1996 because of both population growth and an increase in the rate of abortion.


• Complications of unsafe abortion range from pain and bleeding to more serious conditions, including sepsis (systemic infection), pelvic infections and injury from instruments—and even death. About 40% of women undergoing abortion experience complications serious enough to require medical treatment.

• Among women treated in Nigerian secondary and tertiary hospitals in 2012 for complications of pregnancy or delivery, almost 10% of “near-miss events”—cases in which women would have died had the health system not intervened— were estimated to be due to unsafe abortion.

• In 2012, 212,000 women were treated in health facilities for complications of induced abortion. In addition, an estimated 285,000 women had complications from unsafe abortion serious enough to require treatment in health facilities, but did not obtain the care they needed.

• Unsafe abortion places a serious burden on the nation’s health system as well on the health and well-being of women and their families. The economic burden is substantial: A Guttmacher study found that in 2005, post-abortion care in Nigerian hospitals cost US$132 per patient, of which US$95 was paid by families.


• Most abortions result from unintended pregnancy. Levels of both unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion could be reduced if the Nigerian government and its local and international partners increased efforts to expand and promote family planning programs as well as sexuality and family life education throughout the country. Programs should offer high-quality care that includes counseling on a wide range of contraceptive methods and the ability to easily switch methods when needed.

• Even with improved contraceptive care, some women will still have unintended pregnancies and thus seek unsafe abortions. Expansion of post-abortion care services must continue to help these women avoid disability and death. Efforts should focus on providing modern and less invasive methods of post-abortion care, such as manual vacuum aspiration and misoprostol, along with training of health personnel to provide prompt care for women suffering from complications of unsafe procedures.

• Although only a small number of women are eligible for legal abortion under current law (to save their life), an efficient process should be established that will give these women access to safe abortion services as early as possible in the pregnancy, so that they can benefit from the use of modern, less invasive methods.

• As more women and couples in Nigeria choose to have small families, they will use a combination of means to achieve their goals. Additional efforts are therefore needed to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to reduce levels of unsafe abortion and its attendant health, economic and social consequences. While greater access to family planning and abortion care as allowed by current law is needed, the facts point to the additional need for informed debate on legal reforms that would expand access to comprehensive abortion care for Nigerian women.
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Nigeria, Land Of Certificate Conscious People!

I’d rather begin with a question.

Why do we go to school?

I and a couple of classmates then had often asked ourselves these questions. In fact, we had to throw the question to other students but we kept getting the same unfortunate answers. Also, in an online forum, I asked the same question and the answers were the same…

‘I just need the certificate to get a job or to be upgraded in my workplace!’

It’s rather so unfortunate that in Nigeria, certificates are valued far more than the desire to acquire the requisite knowledge. Students no longer let the school system pass through them. Nobody wants education to penetrate and pass through them and this is the more reason we have millions of incompetent graduates roaming the streets of Nigeria in search of jobs.

Honestly, I don’t blame anybody who holds such views because the system has been designed to achieve just that. We have a system that places more value on a paper than the actual content on the inside of the possessor of such a certificate.

There is one saying by John Kennedy that I have kept very dear to my heart. JFK said that...
 the future of a nation lies in the PROPER education of its youths. No nation ever became great without paying adequate attention to the proper education of its youths. 
Youths are the future. They are the tomorrow. If they're given a haphazard level of education, the future of that nation shall be haphazard, disorderly, primitive and grossly underdeveloped.


It’s high time we understood that education goes way beyond academics and acquisition of the certificate. Education is the total transformation of the mental as well as other faculties of the man. Our education merely addresses the academic needs of the students. They're only taught theorems and formulas that are geared towards the achievement of that certificate. Much of what's needed to survive and succeed in the real life are not taught in the university.

Experience has shown that a certificate conscious education only produces paper graduates. It discourages students imbibing the culture of reading before or after their exams. As soon as the exams are over, many students never go back to that material again. Why should they go back? They've written the exams. Mission accomplished. Many stop reading once they secure that dream job. Why should they continue? They've secured a job. Mission accomplished. Students read because they want to pass an exam, not because they want to reduce their ignorance or become better persons.

A certificate - conscious education damages the psyche of students. I've seen students write exams in the dirtiest of environments- a grim deviation from the purpose of education. They don't mind writing exams even in the slum as far as it's a step towards getting that certificate. I've seen students write exams on bare floors. It meant nothing to them. It's all about the degree. It's all about the certificates. It's all about the paper. Their sense of morality and decency is so destroyed and damaged. They have no limits to what they can bear as far as it brings that degree closer. Students are ready to prostitute in order to get the certificate. Others are willing to pay any amount to some money conscious lecturers just to get the certificate. It’s even worse now because some lecturers have made it mandatory that students pay in order to pass.

Our school system has graduated to producing dummies. It produces certificated dummies. How could a graduate not express themselves in simple terms? Imagine a graduate not being able to express himself in simple English. This is the product from a certificate-conscious system. We have many educated dummies in the society, roaming the streets with their papers.

Being conscious of certificates, limit your chances of success. This system creates an entitlement mentality in us. We think by becoming graduates the society owe us a job. How wrong! Your degree, without other personal developmental skills, guarantees more failure than it does success. Your IQ is responsible for only a tiny portion of your success; it's your EQ that guarantees the greater part.

Society doesn't owe you a job. You fight and get one for yourself.
Being conscious of certificates produces dummy leaders. We have them around in the nation from the national assembly to the governors and to the state assemblies to the LGAs. We have certificated thugs and rogues making laws for us. They fly round the world with their titles such as Honourables, Senators, Governors, Your Excellencies, Presidents.

You and I didn't go that school to get a degree. You didn't go because others are there. You went there because you saw a need for personal enlightenment and education. Are you narrowed to your degree and course? Are you allowing the system to limit you? Are you a slave of the system? You can change all that. Is your academics interfering with your education? Are you properly educated? Look beyond this degree; it doesn't guarantee food. It doesn't guarantee anything. Develop other skills. Read because you want to develop, not because you want to pass a paper.

Now let me ask you. How many of your past courses do you still remember it's contents? Very few, I guess. That's because you threw away the materials after writing the exams because you saw no need for them anymore. You have failed to understand that the main education begins after schooling.

On the other hand, in the world today, paper qualification - formal proofs of education will always be an integral part in the grand scheme of things. The proof signifies that you have acquired the requisite skill, knowledge and understanding in a particular field of endeavor. It signifies that you have the capability and depending on the 'grade', it shows the level of intelligence you exhibit in that field. But unfortunately, we cannot entirely depend on such grades because students in collaboration with lecturers can so comfortably manufacture results and the biggest dummy in the school comes out in flying colours! So, in this case, can we now conclude that the certificate is an exact representation of the possessor?

However, the manner, style and condition in which education is taught is the crucial. We have a problem with how we are taught in schools. We do not have quality education in most of our schools. We lack good tutors, good administrators, good infrastructure, good and well revised and updated curricular, funding. These things add up to the rots we have today. And that is why we say the certificates are worthless and at the same time, downplaying the importance of education and most especially certificates.

Now the problem as you can see is not just from students. The school system and the Government have immensely contributed to this imbroglio. Until we retrace our steps, until our youths understand the importance of letting education pass through them, Nigeria will always produce certificate conscious graduate roaming and lurking round the streets like carnivores looking for whom to devour.

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NYSC Donates N3.5m Towards Corp Members Heart Surgery

Its answered prayers for beautiful Miss Ogunpaimo Kehinde, a corps member as the NYSC has provided the sum of Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira (3.5m) to enable her undergo a heart surgery.

Moved by the condition of Miss Kehinde who is serving in Lagos State and has been living on strong survival drugs as prescribed by her doctors, the NYSC Lagos State Coordinator, Prince Mohammed Momoh, presented her case to the National Directorate Headquarters of the Scheme.

Following the approval of the Director-General, Brigadier General Sulaiman Kazaure, the cheque of N3.5m was presented to her by Momoh in his office.

The Coordinator said the gesture was yet another illustration of Management's concern for the welfare of Corps members. He wished her a successful surgery and quick recovery.

Receiving the cheque, Kehinde thanked Kthe scheme for the assistance. She also appreciated the Coordinator for his role in bringing succour to her.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Super Eagles Team Shared Their Bonus With Carl Ikeme After Beating Zambia

More blessings and victories to the Super Eagles for an act, worthy of emulation that they have exhibited after sharing their match bonus with Carl Ikeme, ailing Super Eagles Goal keeper.

This is really nice.

The Nigerian football team including the players and officials, gave a share of their bonus to goalkeeper Carl Ikeme, after beating Zambia 1-0, according to reports.

Carl Ikeme, is presently sick with acute Leukaemia.

In an interview with Lagos Talks FM, Gernot Rohr, Super Eagles head coach made this revelation.

He also said that Ikeme set Nigeria on a sound footing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, with his fine performance in their first game away to Zambia in Ndola which they won 1-0.

“At first don’t forget him, you win you have a bonus everybody gave his part to Carl he was very happy ‎, the next idea I have is to go and see him to say thanks for what you did in the first game against Zambia. “We can’t forget he brought us on the right way and we are sure he will come out of this great fight he has to fight and come with us to the World Cup,” Rohr said.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Guide Your Children Towards A Drug-Free Life, Ashafa Urges Parents

Sen. Gbenga Ashafa
Gbenga Ashafa, senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District, has urged youths to shun the rising menace of drug abuse in the country.

Ashafa, while delivering a speech yesterday at the Indomie Heroes Awards 2017, held at the Federal Palace Hotel, Ikoyi Lagos said he has a mission to set children on a mission to battle against the growing incidence of drug abuse among young people in Nigeria.

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Congratulating all the young ones who were recognised as heroes at the event, took out time to explain to the children and young ones the dangers of drug abuse and reminded them that being heroes of our time and the future of tomorrow, they have a responsibility to avoid anything such as drugs that can derail them from achieving their dreams.

In his words “There’s a very important mission that I need to recruit smart superheroes for. I have been told that only heroes like you can solve this mission. Let me also tell you that there’s a great reward when you conquer this mission…The mission is a battle against the growing incidence of drug abuse among young people like you.”

He went further to advice their parents to adopt a “catch them young” approach in guiding their children towards a drug-free life.

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“Dear parents, in helping your kids say no to drugs, the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) advises as follows: that you set rules for your children early, Have a plan with your children on how to avoid drugs early, Talk to your children about potential drug/alcohol situations and encourage them to tell you about experiences they or their friends have had and how they’ve resolved them.

While acknowledging that the menace of drug abuse is a national issue, he said one of the easy ways of tackling the problem is to adopt a community based approach .

It will be recalled that the senator has sponsored a motion at the floor of the Senate titled “Nig

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Friday, 6 October 2017

It’s No Big Deal If Actresses Sleep Their Ways To The Top - The Daniels

Nollywood twins, Tracy & Treasure Daniels
Nollywood twins, Tracy and Treasure Daniels have been counting their blessings since they joined the Nigerian movie industry. Right now, the duo has added another feather to their caps with the production of a new movie entitled, Unknown Caller.

In this chat, the Ebonyi State-born thespians talked about their career and life as identical twins. Enjoy it.

What are you up to lately?

Generally, we don’t like to put our plans out there because bread is not sold while still in the oven but on display.We work quietly and bring you the outcome. Our skin care products could be mentioned here because it’s ready and available for launch on our birthday on October 21. In fact, that’s the thing we’ve been up to lately.

However, our latest movie and the roles we played in it are also worthy of mention. It was directed by Sir Uchenna Agbo and shot in Enugu State alongside other great talents. The characters we played are Jenifer and Jessica. The movie is very interesting and at the same time challenging. The characters demand acting out a disturbed drug addict, which is far from the kind of roles we’ve played in previous movies.

What do you like about the characters you acted?

Anybody who had watched Unknown Caller would attest to this. However, nothing remains our best for too long, another best is already on the way.

How was your growing up?

I could say we were born with silver spoon, but I would rather say with golden spoon. Our parents are members of the clergy; we grew up in a parsonage which I consider a privilege because that’s what has shaped us into who we are today.

What childhood experiences made you cry?

Whenever anybody attempted to separate us or if my twin sister was traveling without me, we would cry or take ill until we were reunited or allowed to go on the trip go together. Also, anytime our dad was traveling back to his pastoral work, we would cry and fall sick as well. That’s how much we cherish our father.

Would you like to change anything in the way you were brought up?

Growing up, our parents were like missionaries. They were always going on transfer or traveling from one state to another and that affected our stability as children. We couldn’t concentrate in one school. We were always the new kids and we also missed our friends. If we had our way, we wouldn’t have accepted that kind of growing up.

What is your most embarrassing moment in Nollywood?

It was when one of us wanted to play smart and switched roles in the movie entitled A friend of Mine. Tracy was supposed to be on set, but she also had a date with her boyfriend on that day. So, we agreed that rather than cancel the date,Treasure would stand in and help shoot her scenes. Little did we know that the director would find us out. Kabat was a very smart person, and good director. We give it up to him.

What is your happiest moment in the industry?

It was the day we premiered our latest movie, Unknown Caller. It was a classy and beautiful event. It practically launched our career to a new level.

Are you in any relationship currently?

Yes, one of us is in a relationship. But we don’t want to discuss our relationships in the media.

Who is your ideal man?

Each of us has different standards for the man we would like to be with. However, we have one common ground; our ideal man must be emotionally stable and financially established. We don’t believe in gender equality. Our ideal man has to be first and foremost, a provider, that’s our culture.

Have you had a disagreement over a man?

We are so discreet about romance. For us, it’s okay that way because it’s very sensitive.

Do you have a crush on anyone in the industry?

I don’t know what would happen if I run into Kit Harington (Jon Snow) of Game of Thrones or if my twin sister runs into Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lanister) also in Game of Thrones.

Can both of you marry one man?

Why marry one man when many guys would be left heart-broken after our marriage? We can at least make it one guy less broken (laughter). Never, we can’t marry one man. Each of us would have her own husband. It doesn’t matter if they are strangers, brothers, friends or twin brothers.

Do you get sexual advances from married men who see you on screen?

It would be an obvious lie for any girl in our position to say no to this question. But remember these are not just admirers, but fans and fans are the ones who determine our ability to sell and how we are rated in our career. So, we have to make them remain loyal even if they don’t get through their wishes.

Do you believe that some actresses sleep their ways to the top?

Everything is possible and nothing is new or news. There are fair and fowl means of achieving every set goals and each one comes with a price. Life is about choices and people are free to choose the one they can deal with. No one is better than another, so we don’t pay that any attention. We just follow the path we choose for ourselves; steady and focused till we get there.

What makes you stand out?

More than any thing, I think what makes us stand out or distinguish us from other actresses is the fact that we are identical twins, and pursuing the same career.

(Source: DailySun)

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Factors That Affect Mood And Mental Disposition

This is a continuation of our last publication of 24th August 2017 titled "Types Of Moods And Music As A Source Of Good Mood" as published on Michael Doo's "Taking Charge Of Your Daily Moods"

 Most of us at one time or the other, have suffered mood swings. Although so many factors influence our minds and body everyday, it’s still possible for you to control and take charge of your mood.

Ever woken up in a bad mood and you don’t know why? It has happened ATLEAST 10 times to almost everyone! And any day you wake up in a bad mood, you end up over-stressing yourself and at the end going back home weak and angry.

I have researched and got you some, out of the many factors that influence our moods on a daily basis. Some of these factors are made up of our actions and engagements everyday of our lives. So, this means that we are partly responsible for how we feel and react to stimuli outside our environment. Now our reactions produce a response from the outside which again affect our emotions and mood either negatively or positively. It’s like cyclic in nature!

1. Spending Time With Negative People

Did you know that negative moods are very contagious? It attaches to you anytime you spend so much time with another negative person. Spending time with someone who is depressed, angry and even disgruntled might get you slipping to a negative mood.

The best option is to avoid negative people altogether. But in reality, you might find it difficult or even impossible especially when you work in the same office, study in the same class or even live together under same roof. When you can’t avoid people laden with negativity, the best thing to do is to infuse positivity into any situation you find yourselves. This deliberate act will prevent you from slipping into negativity yourself!

2. Keeping Late Nights

In our contemporary society, it is no longer a surprise that after a hard day’s work, some people still go partying and clubbing till very late in the night and expect to perform optimally at work the next day.

According to an article on Psychiatry and Neuroscience, those who consistently stay up late into the night are three times more likely top develop depression, fatigue and lack of focus than those who get to bed at a decent hour.

Therefore, for you to fix this, it is advised that you create a new habit that helps you get to bed at a decent hour every night. That extra energy will help give you a boost of energy throughout the next day.

3. Food And Diet
Some of the foods we eat are responsible for a wide range of physical conditions such as abdominal pains, nausea, etc. Some of them give riseto irritability, lack of focus, moodswings, aggression or even hyperactivity. So if you suffer from regular mood swings, try keeping a record of the type of food you eat and the accompanying changes in your body. If you identify a link, work on them.

4. The Junk Foods You Eat

Also, it has become really worrisome, the extent of junk and unhealthy foods consumed by people everyday.

With the high concentration of unhealthy fried and most times Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)/foods, the brain is being negatively affected including the general health of the individual. Remember that most of these junk foods and GMOs are the major causes of Cancer and other terminal diseases.

Coming up Next...Drug Use, Abuse And Addiction

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Police Officer Kills Self After Shooting Girlfriend Dead (Photo)

A police officer in Nakuru County, Kenya, shot his girlfriend dead before taking his life with the same AK47 rifle at their home in Freehold Area.

CitizenTV reports that the police officer identified as Stephen Mungai Kinuthia, who was stationed at Molo Police Station, shot his girlfriend three times.

An eyewitness, who is also a watchman in the area told the television station, “I was with the caretaker when we heard a man fighting with his wife and the man was striking her with canes, and as we were going to help, we heard gunshots and stayed put.”

Also speaking from the crime scene of the incident, neighbours said they heard a child shouting “baba anaua mama!” meaning, ‘father is killing mother’ before gunshots rent the air.

According to neighbours, the woman had only lived in the apartment for two weeks and that the police officer was a frequent visitor.

The County’s Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Nakuru OCPD, Joshua Omukatta, told the TV station that “police started a probe to establish what transpired.

He further disclosed that “Their bodies have been taken to Nakuru County government mortuary” as investigations continue.

Ssource: Lailasblog

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Monday, 25 September 2017

You Fight Anxiety By Not Suppressing It (1)

This lovely piece was written by Nonso culled from TheSun Newspapers

Can you educate me on ways by which I can manage my anxiety at work. I have been diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder by a psychiatrist and placed on psychotherapy for now, with a tablet to take at night for just two weeks with a review after. For the past three days since I commenced the medication, I found out that I’m still very anxious with other symptoms that I just have to manage well while working . Please, help me with tips on what I can do while at work.

Permit me to tell you that you will gradually get better as long as you allow the medication to work over time. Three days of taking the medication wouldn’t show you much, but with time and seeing your doctor regularly for follow up will yield a better outcome.

These are some of the tips that can help you manage anxiety at work:

Navigating the workplace can be stressful, especially for individuals dealing with anxiety. Despite your struggle with anxiety, I will advise that you should strive to fully participate in life.

Also, you and others can manage the symptoms and use these strategies to change your entire mindset.

1. Don’t suppress your anxiety

Trying to suppress your feelings is counterproductive. It may surprise you to know that everyone experiences anxiety. It is a normal response to stress. Let it in when it shows up. You have to practice acceptance. Rather than trying to push it away (which tends to be futile, resulting in feeling more overwhelmed and less in control), make room for anxiety. It is showing up to try to bring your attention to something. By allowing space for some anxiety at work, you’ll render it less bothersome in the long run.

2. Practice self-care

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Attend to your own feelings and healthy lifestyle practices: good nutrition, sleep, and exercise are important to well-being, resilience, and healthy stress management.

3. Invite anxiety along for the ride.

Confront your anxieties head on. If you’re nervous about public speaking, take point on a presentation. If you’re afraid of talking to your coworkers, try to strike up a conversation. Push yourself to enter situations that lead to anxiety in order to demonstrate to yourself that you can persevere and succeed despite anxiety. Exposing yourself to anxiety provoking situations, rather than avoiding them, helps to change your relationship to anxiety and increase your confidence in these situations.

4. Be mindful

Check in with yourself once in a while.

Examine anxiety with curiosity when it shows up, rather than rejecting it. What do you notice when it shows up? What are you thinking and feeling? By realizing the answers to these questions, you will be able to deal with the anxiety better.

5. Relax

Engage in exercises that relax your body and set your mind at ease. Diaphragmatic breathing or other relaxation inducing practice (e.g., mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery exercises, tai chi, yoga) can reduce stress by helping to encourage the relaxation response.

6. Take a break

Changing your pace or scenery from time to time actually helps with managing anxiety. You can do this by changing your work environment from time to time. Examples, rearrange your table weekly by giving it a new look. If possible, you can move to another office to work.

7. Stay connected

You can get by with a little help from your friends. Social support is vital to managing stress, in fact, this is very important. Maintain connections to family and friends. Talking with others can do a world of good.

8. Remind yourself that your mind is not always the best advisor

Sometimes, you can’t trust yourself. Our minds like to constantly tell stories, analyze, judge, give advice, and criticize. Sometimes these thoughts are supremely unhelpful to us. Observe what your mind does. Notice the thoughts. Note that they are not objective truths. You get to decide whether the thoughts are worthy of your attention.

9. Lay off the coffee

When it comes to managing anxiety, that late in the morning is your worst enemy. Keep caffeine consumption to a minimum, as it can increase heart rate and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

10. Seek professional help

Remember, you don’t have to go this alone. Seeing a specialist is a great step in your pathway to recovery. Sometimes anxiety can be difficult to manage without professional help. Cognitive behavioral therapy can assist you and other individuals in learning to better understand anxiety and change your relationship to your anxious thoughts and feelings. Concerned coworkers and employers might also choose to express their concern for a colleague and help to normalize the experience and encourage the individual to seek help. I will encourage you and any one reading this to seek for help once you notice any changes in your health status, see your physician regularly for follow up checks, have a healthy support system that will help you in your pathway to recovery.

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