Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Photo of Policeman dressed in 'native' and wielding AK47 Rifle scare Nigerians!!!


 This photo of an unusually dressed man, who is supposed to be a Nigerian officer as shared by @falzdblackgee on Twitter, has generated negative and unsavory remarks from Nigerians.

The supposed officer is seen dressed in white native attire, with a rubber flip-on while wielding an AK47 Rifle. That's possibly on a Nigerian street!

See what @falzdblackgee wrote on twitter:

"@falzdblackgee: How did we end up like this as a country. He is suppose to be a policeman protecting lives and property. Will u wait for this man if you meet him outside. He looks like an armed robber to me. I heard he is in PH. @Gidi_Traffic

If a colleague mistakes this man to be a criminal or even a Boko Haram terrorist, and shoots him dead..will the gods still be blamed??? 

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