Monday, 14 May 2018

Somebody will just come out from ‘nowhere’ and start shining…

Somebody will just come out from ‘nowhere’ and start shining…

The above statement is not just a fallacy but a misconception about life and how things work.

It is not possible for someone to just emerge from nowhere. It is not possible for one to just come out and become rich or a superstar if he was nowhere.

To become a superstar or a fulfilled man in whatever field you find yourself, you must make sacrifices, you must practice, you must rehearse, you must work hard and you must be fully committed to the course.

The sacrifices you are making today, the sleepless nights, the practices and the commitment you attach to that course or job or programme is what will pay you off tomorrow. And by then someone out there will start screaming “Somebody will just came out from nowhere and start shining…” No! This is not true. You made the sacrifices. You worked for it and you deserve where you are.

Life itself is dependent on faith. We learn to do things because we have faith that we’ll need them tomorrow. We go to the gym, exercise, learn to read and write and acquire useful skills because we know and believe that they will be helpful to us in the future.

So from today, attach more commitment to whatever you do. Work harder and learn weller because those you see out there did same thing. They didn’t just emerge from nowhere. They were somewhere rehearsing, practicing, working hard with faith and that is why they are where they are today, SHINING!

May God bless your hustle.

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