Tuesday, 5 December 2017

"You can't have it all, just appreciate the little you got and pray for better days" - James Olu

James Olu, making common sense. 
Establishing and sustaining a cordial relationship with people around you is dependent on your ability to understand and tolerate.  Just like you tolerate others around you, these same people are struggling to tolerate your attitude! That is why there are individual/personality differences.

These differences makes us view,  relate and react to issues,  events and actions around us in our own unique ways. 

James Olu has this view about life to share with us. 

He says...

Some people will push you to the wall sometimes but never let them get you angry because we all view life differently. 

He continues... 

You don't know what they want in life, you can't measure what you've given let alone compared to what maybe they've gotten somewhere else. 

Nobody needs to give you a reason for any step they take in life, just accept it and move on for a man who seeks for power would do anything knowing the consequences. 

Life is about survival, never consider yourself less, second class or and option. 

When people keep threatening you about leaving you, let them walk because life is a circle. 

Never blame anyone, it's no one's fault for we don't know our priorities in life. Respect their decisions and pray for them even for those who don't wish you well and call you unlucky. We gotta grow up and quit, prolly separate from the foolishness that we grew up with. 

You can't have it all, just appreciate the little you got and pray for better days. Life doesn't always turn out the way we plan it but sometimes it turns out better...... 

It's about finding myself right now, it's about building and telling myself that nothing can ever hold me back from my future..... nothing!

Nothing will hold you back from your future,  because it's bright,  really 🔆

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