Sunday, 10 December 2017

Security measures to be adopted for your safety and that of your family during this Christmas period

Security is everybody’s business. The best form of awareness is caution. Therefore, you have to be vigilante and security conscious before, during and even after this fast approaching festivity as it is the period hoodlums embark on all sorts of criminalities and illegalities so as to acquire wealth.

The following tips will help you.

1. Do not discuss your business or travel plans in public areas where you may be overheard.

2. When a business transaction is introduced to you and you are placed under pressure to bring money, beware scammers could be on your trail

3. When you are informed that you have a consignment from an agency, organization or persons you have no dealings with, or never met, you might be on your way to being duped. Always be careful when you are told that you have some items requiring you to come and clear.

4. Avoid organizing parties at your residence, especially if unfamiliar guests will be present. Used hired premises instead.

5. Do not leave keys dangling at the door, the print might be taken and duplicated.

6. Receive your personal and official guests preferably in your office and do not develop the habit of bringing home large sums of money.

7. Do not drop your keys under door mats, flower pots or window seals for safekeeping.

8. It is very unsafe to park your car and leave your children inside. Avoid sitting inside a parked car.

9. Forbid your security guards from every form of trading activities by your gate as that could offer ground for surveillance by criminals.

10. Never give a ride to unknown persons. Rendering assistance to persons with presumed broken down vehicles might be risky. Be thorough and careful in doing so.

11. Whenever you notice a strange vehicle parked by your house at night, drive past the house, at an observable distance, call your house and in turn call Police emergency lines to quickly lodge a complaint where needful.

12. Be observant when entering and leaving public places and functions. And when in crowded areas, be watchful and pay attention to movements towards and around you.

13. And finally, children should be discouraged from bringing in too many friends to the house. Movements of friends should be restricted to living room/compounds.

Happy Christmas!

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