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DOWNLOAD Music: Jubal – Toya

Jubal's Toya is a spirit inspired track that seeks to give all praise and worship to God for His faithfulness, love and blessings.

This song of appreciation,'Toya', meaning 'Praise Him' in Igbo Language, according to Jubal...

"depicts the depth of my heart towards the kindness of God and the longsuffering of his son Jesus Christ. So Praise him and put the devil to shame. Praise him and lightening up your world. Praise him and allow him make ways for you and be your light in the darkest darkness"

The artiste went ahead to state that there are several circumstances in life that would have either taken our lives or would have caused us a great deal of damage but God is always there to pull us out.

"His grace has always been sufficient and it has never been predicated on will, strength, power, or how well we run our races.

"God has been the pillar of my life and he’s the foundation of my joy. His faithfulness touches down from the heavens and it’s wider than the ocean. My appreciation to him inspires this beautiful track titled Toya"

So, for all God has being doing for us, all he requests is a simple appreciation. Praise Him today!


Sing along with Jubal!

See Lyrics, BELOW!

I never believed I could have a life..

Never thought I could make it right.

But you’ve been faithful..

Even when it seems am gon’ loose my life..

You came in your glory just to make things right..

Lord am so grateful…

And for everything you’ve done for me..

Lord I will stand and give you praise..

Say na only you be God..

Nara ekele, nara otito..

For everything you’ve done for me..

It’s all because of your love..

Toya ka’nyi toonu chukwu onye na eme mma….

Anytime I wake I will praise the lord..

Na him make me sleep..

Na him wake me up..

Lord am so grateful…

Even when I fall down you raise me up..

Then I was broke noe you filled my cup..

Lord you’ve been faithful…

And for everything you’ve…………..


About Jubal

Jubal is a Nigerian born contemporary gospel artist who was born on the 23rd of September. He hails from Anambra state the eastern part of Nigeria. He’s from a family of eight and he’s a talented gospel artiste who started his career at the age of ten the moment he started playing the guitar…his hit single “Toya” was inspired by God through his life experiences.

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