Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Shame: Lady Who Stole Chicken For Christmas Stripped Naked In Nnewi (Photos)

One young lady, who allegedly stole a chicken to celebrate the Christmas with was given the most bizarre jungle justice imaginable.

The disgraced chicken thief (Facebook)

It was a show of shame in the Nnewi community in Anambra State after a young lady who allegedly stole a chicken to celebrate the Christmas was given the disgrace she would never forget in her life.

The young girl, according to a Facebook user, Precious Eze, was caught while stealing the chicken on December 24, 2016, and in a jiffy, a crowd had gathered and after beating her mercilessly, she was stripped naked, made to tie the chicken around her waist and was paraded around the town in her nakedness.

Here is how Eze captured the scene:


Why Crave For What You Can't Afford?? ''VIEWERS DISCRETION PLS!

This happened in Nnewi, Anambra State on the 24th December 2016. She wanted to eat chicken on Christmas Day but couldn't afford it.....and decided to go STEALING.”

Is it by force to eat chicken on Christmas Day? Is there no fish in the market? Must one steal because you want to eat chicken? Even if you didn't see fish, couldn't this woman have paid a visit to someone's house if it's a must to eat chicken? Now, her pictures are going viral because of Christmas Chicken!”

In the past few weeks, Nigerians have been appalled at the way hungry petty thieves have been treated for stealing little things while people who loot the country are treated like royalty and given chieftancy titles to celebrate their ill-gotten wealth.


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