Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Lady Exposes Abuja 'Ashawo' Who Lures Young Girls Into Prostitution

One young lady, Chika Edozie who resides in Abuja has brought to the public, the constant harassments by an Abuja Ashawo (Prostitute).

According to Chika, this lady has been pestering her on Facebook to meet with some rich big men who will be giving her some money.

 Chika went ahead to reveal that she’d told the prostitute that she is not interested, but when the harassment started taking a different dimension, she decided it was high time, she brought to the open.

 It is noteworthy that the internet and social media has been of tremendous help but, we cannot rule out the fact that it has become the fastest means through which persons, especially the youths get corrupted.

 Many persons have been scammed, and others have lost their lives because they were not careful not to trust just anyone who comes to them online.

 Well, this doesn’t mean that all persons on the social media are bad, but, this particular prostitute is not just bad, but an evil for any woman or young lady to associate with, hence, this revelation by Chika Edozie.

 Check out their Facebook messages below:

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